English programme

VCS English Programme E-Newsletter – August 2014

This month’s English Programme E-Newsletter is now available, simply click on the link below http://www.scribd.com/doc/235589653/EP-Newsletter-August-2014


The New School Year !

The new school year at Varee Chiangmai School is now well underway. The students have all settled in quickly and are already busy learning. This month’s Homework Booklets are being issued this afternoon so the students will begin doing homework, reading and preparing for spelling tests this week. If you have any questions about your […]


EP Summer Camp – April 2012

We are now half way through the Varee School Summer Camp 2012. Over the past 2 weeks the students have taken part in a range of exciting activities including; treasure hunts, art projects, field trip, football competitions and Songkran celebrations as well as their regular studies. The Summer Camp is now closing for the Songkran […]