English programme

The new school year at Varee Chiang Mai School

Summer Camp 2011 at Varee Chiang Mai School is now finished. The new school year will begin on Monday 9th May for EP1 students and Tuesday 10th May for all other students. We look forward to seeing you all then !


What is an English Programme?

When talking with parents I am regularly asked exactly what an English Programme (EP) is and what are the benefits of the English Programme at Varee Chiang Mai School. To answer these questions comprehensively it’s important to provide some background to the educational initiative know as the English Programme. In 1999 the Thai Ministry of […]


Mid-Term Tests & The Christmas Party !

The students have been very busy over the last 2 days at school and they have now completed all the EP tests. The next couple of days they will be working on their Thai Mid-Term Tests. The students have been given revision guidelines and a schedule for these tests to help them prepare. On Thursday […]