Mid-Term Tests & The Christmas Party !

The students have been very busy over the last 2 days at school and they have now completed all the EP tests. The next couple of days they will be working on their Thai Mid-Term Tests. The students have been given revision guidelines and a schedule for these tests to help them prepare.

On Thursday 23rd December the students will be able to relax and celebrate at the Varee Christmas Party. The theme for this year’s party is ‘Christmas Rocks!’ There will be a host of events on this day including; carol singing, a fashion show, an ‘air guitar’ competition and a parade. A schedule for the event will be posted online soon.

Students are asked to dress up as rock or pop stars for this event. The students are also asked to bring two Christmas gifts to school on this day, one to exchange with their classmates and one to donate to students at a poor school. The students are also asked to bring drinks and snacks for the party.

For more info about this activity please contact your child’s homeroom teacher.

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