Preparing for the Varee Chiang Mai School EP Academic Competition 2011

This past week the students have been busy taking mid-term tests and preparing for the EP Academic Competition which will take place on Friday 29th July 2011.

Students that wished to enter the EP Competition took part in various internal competitions this week.
We have now selected the students that will represent our school at this event and their names are listed below.

If your child is competing in these events and you would like to come along on the day to show your support, you are welcome. The event is due to start at 8.45am and will run until 1.30pm.

We are proud to announce that we have some prestigious judges confirmed for this event including; John Gunther the Director of AUA,John Quinn the Director of EFL and SEE TEFL and Liz Stuart an Early Years Teacher and Consultant from the UK

Here are the students that will be representing Varee Chiang Mai School on Friday 29th July 2011.

Spelling Bee
Vavy G1
Pooh G2
Gun G3
Vanessa G4
Ice G5 Jojo G6

Story telling / Role Play
(EP3) Baby Klong Atom Ploy Yung
(EP4) Aomsop Petch Eye Fai Sugus
(EP6) Angie Jan Nessi Oom Sheilagh
(M1) Eve’s Group
(M3) Pooky’s Group

Scrabble – Crossword
Thee G2
Poon G2
Junior G4
Ken G4
Pim G5
Tata G6
Peem M2
Kwan M2

Science Quiz
Oat G4
Tito G4
Pailiew G5
Lanna G6
Nina M2 Tonpai M3

First G4
Hero G5
Poom G6

English Speech
Gent G3
Natasha G4
Aidan G5
Ann G6
Phanmile M2
Alex M3

The competitors for the singing competitions will be announced on Monday 25th July.

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