EP Annual Performance 2013 ‘The Tempest’

The English Programme at Varee Chiangmai School will be performing an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ at Kad Theatre on Sunday 17th November 2013.

“The Tempest’ was written in 1611 and it was the last play that William Shakespeare finished.
It is an amazing story about Prospero, the King of Milan, and his daughter, Princess Miranda. They are chased from their kingdom by Alonso an evil King from Naples. Prospero and Miranda escape to a Magical Island where Prospero becomes a power magician.
Many years later King Alonso’s ship is passing the Magical Island so Prospero creates The Tempest, a powerful storm, to destroy the King’s ship.
King Alonso and his men are shipwrecked on the Magical Island and then Prospero uses his magic to take revenge on Alonso and reclaim the Kingdom of Milan.


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