Scratch Coding – introduction Tutorial Basic Role Play Game

In these four lessons you’ll learn the basics about coding with Scratch – have fun!

Lesson one – Lets get Moving

In this lesson we will code Scratchy so the he moves when you click the arrow keys.

Follow the instructions below.

Click here to play.


Lesson TWO – Basic Role Play

In Lesson two we will build on the code we wrote in lesson one, and we will create a short role play.

Use the ‘When … key pressed‘ to make your spite say what ever you would like.

Lesson three – Birthday Party Role Play

In this lesson we will code Scratchy to move using the arrow keys, and then when he bumps into the other characters, they will speak to him. Today is his birthday. Then after a short time, a cake will appear!

Lesson four – Costumes

In this game you will notice Scratchy changes direction the is looking to match the direction he is moving.
You can do this by adding ‘costumes’ to your sprite and coding the costumes to change when you press the arrow keys.

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