Simple Scratch Coding Game – Star HunTer

Lesson One – Star Hunter

This is a fun but simple Scatch coding game called ‘Star Hunter’

You can complete it in four easy steps, Step 1 Background and Hero, Step 2: Bad Guys, Step 3: Stars

Step 1: Choose your backdrop, select your sprite and then code your sprite to follow the mouse. Also add background sound effects to match your backdrop.

Step 2: select you ‘bad guys’ and then code them to move back and forth across the screen. Also code the game to finish if the bad guys touch the hero.

Step 3: Code the game to give you a point each time you collect the stars

Hope you have fun playing this game!

Lesson TWO – Let’s REmix it

Okay now that you’ve created that game successfully, lets remix it a bit to make it more fun

Start by saving a copy of your work. Now let’s chang the backdrop and the characters. You can copy your code from one sprite to the other by dragging the code to the new sprite.

Now lets change how we control our hero. This time we will use the arrow keys.

Finally, update the code to on the star to make sure it collects points each time the new sprite catches it.

Time to Play!

Now it’s time to play your remixed game – how many stars can you catch?

LEsson 3 – Star Hunter – Bounce Remix

Now we’ll code the planets to bounce off each other when the touch. this will make the game less predictable.

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