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One important factor which supports students learning is strong communication and collaboration between parents and teachers.

In order for parents are kept up-to-date with their child’s studies our EP teachers all have blogs on the internet. These blogs are updated weekly and contain important information about homework, tests, projects and school events. The blogs also contain some photos of students taking part in school activities and useful links to recommended educational websites which the students can visit in their spare time. Parents and students are also able to connect with the teachers via the blog by leaving messages and comments.

Links to the EP school blogs can be found on the school website:


One Comment

  1. mau mau

    Safari cannot open this
    What’s the blog for EP 5 red ?


    Mr Jan

    Btw,there are like 34 children in the class,don t you think that’s too much?
    All parents I know are complaining about this.
    Should there not be a policy ,like,30 is the max?
    There should be a limit or not,instead of pumping in children in a class,making money but quality of teaching goes down!
    Looks like Second World War style classes!


    Mr Jan

    Sent from my iPad


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