Woefully underprepared

Originally published with The Nation on 13th June 2017 Last month, schools across Thailand began a new academic year.  The new school year brings with it new friends, new teachers and new experiences, but one aspect of school life will remain unchanged: the outdated and ineffective system of teaching, learning and assessment, so appalling it […]


No room for timidity in education reform

Written by Daniel Maxwell & Peerasit Kamnuansilpa Originally published in Bangkok Post on 23rd July 2015 Those awaiting sweeping educational reforms from the military government were disappointed with last week’s announcement of a new curriculum focused on enhancing students’ understanding of history and their loyalty to the three pillars of Thai ‘society’. Many had been […]


What is an English Programme?

When talking with parents I am regularly asked exactly what an English Programme (EP) is and what are the benefits of the English Programme at Varee Chiang Mai School. To answer these questions comprehensively it’s important to provide some background to the educational initiative know as the English Programme. In 1999 the Thai Ministry of […]