Anti-Bullying Week | Dealing with CyberBullies

Dealing with CyberBullies

There are four main categories of bullying, Physical Bullying, Verbal Bullying, Social Bullying and Cyberbullying, and each type of bullying is hurtful and detrimental to the victim’s emotions, wellbeing and mental health.

Cyberbullying is particularly hurtful because it seems difficult to esacpe, difficult to stop and often victims are reluctant to seek help. If you are being bullied online, the first thing to do is seek help. Speak to an adult and friends you trust – they will be able to help. Next collect evidence of the bullying – if the bullying is racist, homophobic or of a sexual nature it may be against the law and the bullies could be in serious trouble with the authorities. Then block and report the bully.

Online bullying is very common. Watch the videos below to learn about how other people have dealt with online bullying. After you seek help and support, you’ll find that the bullying will stop.

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