Scratch Coding Basic Tutorials : Simple Games to Code and Play!


Scatch Coding is without doubt one of the very best resources to support students begin learning to write computer code. In the videos below you’ll find all you need to get started with the basics of this wonderful resources and begin creating and playing your own games.

Scatch was developed by the learning US University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT. This online (and offline) resource has been used by millions of students from across the world. The platform uses block coding to help the students get confident with coding and help them understand how algorithms are structured. The resource is 100% free and easy to access.

Today’s students need to be introduced to the basics of computer coding so they can understand how computer programs work and so they can begin developing the skills that will enable them to write their own programs, create their own websites and develop their own apps. There’s no better place for students to begin learning this essential 21st Century skill than with Scatch.

Check out the videos below to understand the basics of Scatch block coding, and to begin creating your own fun, simple games

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