Online Learing Google Classroom How to Video

After explaining how to use Google Classroom over 1000 times, I finally decided to make a ‘how to’ video #betterlatethannever

Online Learning Master Class by Daniel Maxwell, a primary school teacher and technology educator from Singapore International School (SISB) Bangkok, Chiang Mai Campus.

In our latest Master Class video presentation we provide a full introduction and explanation for parents and students learning online with Google Classroom.

The video explains how to access these resources, how to use them, how to submit work, as well as how using Google Classroom on a computer is very different to using Google Classroom on an iPad, or other tablet.

We also introduce some of the most popular online learning resources outside Google Classroom (such as RazKids, Padlet and Kahoots).

Finally, we explain the importance of today’s students having digital literacy skills and becoming good digital citizens.

#GoogleClassroom #learning #onlinelearning #education #flippedclassroom #flippedlearning #edtechteachers #edtech

.Online Learning Master Class Video Details

00:24 | Master class online learning introduction

01:00 | Devices for learning online

02:50 | Using Google classroom

09:34 | Google Hangouts

11:27 | Google Meet

12:29 | Google Slides

16:06 | Google App in iPad

16:35 | Using Gmail in iPad

17:31 | Using Hangouts in iPad

18:15 | Using Google Meet in iPad

19:02 | Using Google Classroom in iPad

20:22 | Using Google Docs in iPad

26:05 | Seesaw App How to use Seesaw

38:21 | How to use Koobits

42:22 | How to use Padlet

45:24 | How to use Razkids

51:35 | How to use Kahoot

54:19 | Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship #GoogleClassroom#HowToUseGoogleClassroom#HowToUseGoogleClassroomOnIpad#HowToUseKoobits#HowToUsePadlet#HowToUseRazkids#HowToUseKahoot#OnlineLearning#HowToStudyOnline#DigitalLiteracy#DigitalCitizenship#SISB#SingaporeInternationalSchool#SISBMasterClass

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