International School Fair in Chiangmai, Thailand

Demand for international education across Asia continues to grow, as parents look to ensure their children’s education in school gives them the knowledge, skills and competentices to grow, succeed and realise their full potentials. With over 200 international schools, Thailand has positioned itself as an International Education Hub.

International Education in Chiangmai

In Thailand’s second city, Chiang Mai, there are now over 12 international schools, giving parents an excellent choice of different international education options.

To help parents discover what each of the international schools in Chiang Mai are offering there was an international education fair in February. The event was attended by the majority of international schools (as well as a number of bilingual schools) and 500 parents and students.

Chiang Mai Education Fair for International School took place on Saturday the 27th of February, 2021, Shangri-La Hotel, Chiang Mai. The event, which was organised by Ed Fairs Asia, was a great success. A full list of the international schools in Chiangmai which attended the event

American Pacific International School, Unity Concord International School, Prem Tinsolunda International School, Singapore International School Chiang Mai, Christian German School Chiang Mai, Satit International Bilingual School of Rangsit University Chiang Mai, Lanna International School, IES, Nakorn Payap International School, Panyaden International School.

Ed Fairs Asia will be running an International School Fair in Bangkok later this month. For full more details, check out there website.

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