Digital Citizenship Training for Teachers have some of the very best resources for teaching digital citizneship to students of all ages. I’ve been using this site, their videos and their lesson plans for a couple of years now, and I’ve decided to do the Professional Develop teacher training courses they provide.

There are a number of different courses, assignments and webinars which provide credits to becoming a Common Sense Educator.

The very first step is taking the one hour ‘Teaching Digital Citizenship’ interactive online course. The course is easy to follow, informative and very useful. I would recommend any teacher involved with technology to take this course. It’s would also be very very useful for all homeschooling parents. The reources are free and cover all areas of Digital Citizneship.

In the photos and slides below you can see some of the content of the course. As I said, the course is great – only takes one hour and is useful for all educators and parents. Here is the link to the course.

I am now following the next steps to becoming a Common Sense Educator!

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