Black Light School Performance

For any teacher looking to do a school performance that’s a little bit different, then a black light show is a great idea!


We put together a black light performance with students in Grade 3 at Singapore International School for the recent end-of-term show and it was a great experience.

Here are 4 tips to staging a black light show –

  1. Before you start you need to be sure that your school is going to provide neon lights for the stage.
  2. The room in which you’ll be having the school can be completely darkened. Any light coming into the room will have really kill the impact of the show.
  3. Students prepare clothing which is completely black , with the exception of the items which you wish to ‘glow’. For our show we had white gloves, white shoes, white caps and white lettering.
  4. Search YouTube for ideas on black light dance shows, and then have your students develop the choreography. We started with lofty ambitions but after a few days decided to make it a bit simpler for our first show. With older students, and more experience we’re hoping to put on a more ambitious show in the future.

So here’s the video of the Primary 3 students performing a ‘Black Light’ dance show. Not perfectly synchronised, but a lots of fun, and a great experience for the students!


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