Learning the world’s most widely spoken language is easy and fun!

Domino Chinese was founded in 2014 by a group of devoted Mandarin Chinese learners, and teachers, who were dissatisfied with the conventional approaches towards learning Chinese as a foreign language.
In the absence of an effective, modern approach to learning Mandarin, the Domino Chinese team decided to built their own course of study, incorporating real-world videos which provide learners with valuable insights into China’s rich culture while also enabling learners to build a strong foundation in the language.
The Domino Chinese course begins by laying a solid foundation of essential characters, vocabulary and grammatical structures, from which the learner can engage in basic conversations. The structure of the course builds upon the foundations of the initial
levels, ensuring the learner’s progresses is scaffolded and enabling the learner to comfortably attain a high level of language proficiency.
Learning the world’s most widely spoken language is easy and fun with Domino
Chinese. Make the smart choice, and join our Domino family today!


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