Domino Chinese on YouTube

Domino Chinese is a digital educational platform dedicated to providing an effective, methodical and easy-to-follow approach for learning Mandarin Chinese.

The Domino Chinese programme employs engaging video lessons, the Domino app, learner forums and a wealth of online resources, such as flashcards, mnemonics and quizzes, which enable Domino students to learn Mandarin Chinese quickly and effectively.


Context is essential for successful foreign language learning and Domino Chinese recognises the need to relate new vocabulary to everyday life situations in order to maximise language acquisition. Domino’s online media library of over 2000 videos incorporates genuine real-life interactions with local Chinese people, in China, to expose learners to the natural reactions, and authentic language, of local people.

Domino’s extensive library of engaging video lessons (2000+ at present) also share valuable insights into Chinese culture. These provide learners with an introduction to China’s rich culture, a deeper understanding of the language, and enable travellers to better understand and appreciate this fascinating country.



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