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Facebook, Instagram, Line, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr – the internet is connecting people in ways previously unimagined and whether you love it or hate it, it seems that social media is here to stay.

Teenagers are the most prolific social network users – on average spending over 2 hours a day on these sites (although I’m pretty sure some teens are online constantly from the minute they wake). But there’s no need to be alarmed because recent research has concluded that using social networks is actual good for students as it provides a platform for them to develop critical thinking skills.

While ‘playing’ online these students are actually engaging in a wide range of higher level thinking skills such as – inferring, analyzing, summarizing, composing, creative thinking, and decision making.

Unfortunately (from an English teacher’s perspective) most Thai students use Thai while they are communicating on social networks. Now, without…

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