Hour of Code Events across Asia Pacific

To celebrate Computer Science Week, and the Hour of Code initiative, there are a host of computers science events happening across the Asia Pacific region, this December.



Australia will conduct a social campaign to promote the Hour of Code.


Japan will do a relay of Hour of Code events. However, before the Hour of Code events happen, the trainers/instructors will be trained first, in partnership with innovative schools and with the involvement of nonprofit partners and Microsoft employees.

Here are some of the key event dates in Japan:

·        November 27: workshop for Hour of Code organizers, using the new Minecraft tutorial.

·        December 7 and 8: programming education in the elementary school, with volunteers from Microsoft Japan going to elementary schools.

·        December 10: Hour of Code Japan 2017 finale event.

Microsoft is holding all seminars with Minano Code, Code.org Japan official partner and supporting companies (Adobe, Climb, Symantec, SOMPO Systems, Densan, Dwango, Nihon Jimuki, Fuji Denki IT Solutions, Livesense).

In addition, from November 27 onwards, Microsoft Japan will also launch an internal communications where leaders from Microsoft Japan will featured as coding heroes on posters, using the posters done by Code.org.


During this year’s Hour of Code campaign, Korea will be focusing on inclusive education for diverse learners, involving students, parents, and government officials. Overall, they expect to reach out to 2,000 students (including students with disabilities), 100 schools, 100 current teachers, 100 future teachers (in special education).

Some of the key events include:  

·        Hour of Code Camp (Kick-Off event) is held on November 24 at Kintex (Future Education Exhibition hosted by Ministry of Education and Ministry of ICT), for 1,000 youth and their parents and 100 educators. In partnership with JA Korea and KOFAC.

·        Future Ready Workshop (TTT program with Hour of Code) will be organized for 40 teachers on December 2 and December 7 at Microsoft Korea, in partnership with JA Korea, KOFAC and possibly the Ministry of IT. They are planning YouTube live to reach more teachers in another region and this is done in partnership with the Ministry of ICT.

·        Hour of Code – Kids Camp will be organized for more than 100 children and parents will be held at the end of December at Microsoft Korea, in partnership with Sapiens 4.0 and CCG.


India will have multiple Hour of Code events in schools across the entire country.

And some of those events will be conducted by more than 100 Microsoft Students Partners, trained by Microsoft on how to run an Hour of Code. A specific day in early December will be chosen to run 90-minute Hour of Code sessions in up to 20 centers across different states, in the form of a relay. Microsoft’s nonprofit partners will also conduct Hour of Code for their respective beneficiaries.

On December 4, Microsoft India will launch a skilling center at Blind Relief association. During this launch, an Hour of Code may be organized for children who are visually impaired.


On 24 November, Microsoft Malaysia organized an Hour of Code program in a career festival organized by the Ministry of Human Resources for persons with disabilities. You can find more information about the festival here.


Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation (MBAPF)’s Youth Innovative Fair

This will be the first fair of its kind hosted by the Ministries of Education, Information, Health and Sports, etc. for thousands of youth. The Ministry of Education has confirmed a booth / room at the Yangon University Campus for MBAPF, who will conduct a Minecraft Hour of Code training and competition for participating youth.

TAG International Development (TAG)’s Exposure Day

As one of the components and culminating activity of the YouthSpark grant provided by Microsoft, TAG will be holding an exposure day for youth, featuring inspirational speakers and an Hour of Code.


Teachers and administrators submitted more than 30 pledges to run an Hour of Code in their respective schools, reaching at least 3,300 youth all around the Philippines during the Computer Science Education Week. These teachers have attended the Microsoft Education Summit where they went through the trainers’ training on how to run an Hour of Code.

On November 18, Microsoft Philippines partnered with Branded on It’s A Girl Thing (IAGT), an event that reached 2,000 attendees. The festival successfully hosted a line-up of activities to inspire, educate and unite young women. As the Official Coding Partner, Microsoft engaged more than 600 teen girls at our booth to introduce the #MakeWhatsNext movement and certified 76 coders during multiple Hour of Code sessions.


Microsoft will host a one week coding bootcamp with the nonprofit SPD, for 30+ young adults with disabilities. The coding bootcamp will be run by Coding Garage.

The goal is to equip participants with digital skills so that they will be able to create their own website and e-commerce platform in the future. This is the first part of an annual program, which also includes coding café sessions for Microsoft employees to provide support to bootcamp participants. There will be another coding bootcamp next year to deepen the participants’ skills in web design.

Sri Lanka 

On December 7, Microsoft Sri Lanka will organize an Hour of Code event, where it will unveil its plans to make Sri Lankan youth “Future Ready”. They will host 200 young children from schools, who will take an hour of code to inspire them and demonstrate that first steps in coding are accessible to anyone.

A local influencer, Chanux Bro, will participate in the Hour of Code where he will share live videos on social media platform and post interview videos on his YouTube channel after the event to raise more awareness on Hour of Code


On 9 December, Microsoft Taiwan will conduct Coding Angels, an Azure Machine Learning bootcamp where female varsity students can learn more about developing on our cloud platform.

Microsoft Taiwan also recently held its YouthSpark Live event – Leadership Camp 2017 which aims to share the tenets of leadership and inspire youth leaders to take up digital skills. This year, four technology veterans – Vincent Shih, Microsoft Taiwan Corporate External and Legal Affairs general manager, Anting Liu, founder of Teach for Taiwan, Thomas Mao, team leader of Space Bar, and Michael Ho Microsoft’s Open Source Software Lead – shared their experience and journey to 110 interns and elaborated why computer science skills will be critical for them in a future that is shaped by technology.

In addition, as part of its long-standing support of Taiwan’s Foundation of Women’s Right Promotion and Development (FWRPD), Microsoft trained their instructors, many of whom were members of a Microsoft YouthSpark team that aimed to impart digital skills to youths. FWRPD hosted a press conference to showcase its successful joint effort with Microsoft in encouraging girls to explore STEM education


On 2 December, Microsoft Thailand will host a Future Ready #HourofCode event at its office, where participants can learn about digital skills to spark creativity and inspiration. Y9u can find the sign up page here.


Vietnam is planning a series of Hour of Code events across the country, in partnership with Vietnet ICT, other YouthSpark partners, education and commercial partners. The campaign will roll out in Vietnam in December and January.

Main aspects of the campaign include:  

  • Future Ready program for remote communities, organized in partnership with the nonprofit Vietnet ICT and Dariu Foundation
  • Future Ready for big cities program, organized in partnership with the nonprofit Vietnet ICT
  • Hour of Code program for Microsoft showcase schools, organized in partnership with Vietnamese MIEs community
  • Hour of Code program for vocational schools, organized in partnership with VCCI
  • Hour of Code program for disadvantaged youths, organized in partnership with the nonprofit REACH
  • Hour of Code program for coastal youth, organized in partnership with MCD and Dariu Foundation

There will be a fun coding competition launched together with Hour of Code to facilitate the learning of coding among young people. Interested youth who are interested to continue learning will be directed to a digital skills learning page in Vietnamese that is created by Microsoft and Vietnet ICT.

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