Tech Review: ShowMyHomework

ShowMyHomework is a web resource I’ve only been using for a few month, but I’m a huge fan of it already.

Teachers allocate each student an account and students login in to check their homework schedule, complete homework assignments and submit homework online. The site enables teachers to track homework completion in real time, and create personalized quizzes for learners to complete online. Teachers using ShowMyHomework can also give parents access to follow their child’s progress, a useful option, but not one my teenage students are particularly fond of. The reporting functionality in ShowMyHomework is also a powerful tool for motivating students.

Although, ShowMyHomework is a great resource, i have encountered a couple of difficulties with this resource. On occasion, I have had some trouble using this resource when the internet speeds have slowed – with activities not loading, so this would be a concern for teachers in schools with limited internet connectivity. There is also a bug on the programmes which often appears when the students reach the last questions which leaves the students unable to click an answer and having to retake the test. The only other problem I’ve had with the resource is with the spelling test function often the voice is unclear and students unable to understand the word they are being asked to spell.

Finally, there is a smartphone app for this resource but the app only enables students to check their progress and the homework calendar. It would be great if a future upgraded enabled students to complete their homework quizzes on their smart phone.

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