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The Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) qualification shows that you have mastered the basics of English and now have practical language skills for everyday use.

The assessment covers the four skills; reading, writing, speaking and listening. During the speaking test the examiners give the students flash cards as prompts around which the students must converse.

Here are some examples of the flash cards used in these assessments.

PET Speaking Test: Part 2 Role Play

Part 2 of the PET Speaking Test takes 3 minutes. The examiner describes a situation gives the candidates a flash card with some images. Students have to share their ideas and opinions about the task and try to make a decision. Students need to show they offer opinions (I think …), ask your partner for his/her opinion (Do you think … Do you agree that …) and make suggestions (Why don’t we … What about …).

speaking picture 2speaking picture.PNGbig_23347_pet_speaking_practice_1.jpg

PET Speaking Test:…

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