The final month of school – February 2015


We are now at the end of January and the students have just a few more weeks of study before they begin taking their end-of-year assessments. And so, the coming weeks are going to be particularly busy for students and teachers alike.

During the first week of February the students will all be issued their revision guidelines and test schedules. They should use these in order to properly prepare for their assessments. Along with the regular end-of-year assessments the EP students will also have their 100 Words Spelling Test, if parents are able to help their children review this vocabulary, it will help them perform well in this assessment.

Here are some of the important dates in February.
– Grade 6 O-NET – Sat 31st January
– Private Schools’ Day – Tue 10th February
– Cambridge ESOL Tests – Wed 11th February (EP1, EP3 & EP5)
– EP End-of-year Tests – 16th – 18th Feb
– Projects (PBL) – 19th – 20th Feb
– Thai Tests – 23rd – 27th Feb
– Last Day of School – Fri 27th February

– Summer Camp – 23rd March – 24th April

If you have any questions about the activities above, please visit the EP Blogs or you can email the EP Department directly

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