What’s happening in July ?

july newsletter We are now almost half way through Term 1 at Varee Chiangmai School. This coming month will be a busy time for all the students as you can see from the information below

The mathematics department at Varee Chiangmai School have recently begun using a website from the UK to support students’ learning. This website is http://www.myimaths.com and it has excellent resources to help students improve their mathematics skills.
All EP students from Grade 3 upwards have been allocated individual accounts on this website and their mathematics teachers will be allocating three sets of homework each week using this platform. Please make sure you child has access to the internet in order to complete this work.

World Cup Football Festival (Mathayom Department)
On Friday 4th July the Mathayom students will be taking part in the World Cup Football Festival at Varee Chiangmai School

Test Preparation
Mid-term tests are a just a few weeks away.
All students will be issued revision guidelines and tests schedules this weekend.
Please use this information to help your child prepare for these coming assessments.

Public Holiday – Buddhist Lent
Friday 11th – Monday 14th July
(School Closed)

Mid-Term Tests
Prathom EP Tests will take place on Tuesday 15th & Wednesday 16th July.
Prathom Thai Tests will take place on Thursday 17th & Friday 18th July.
All the Mathayom Tests will take place between Tuesday 15th – Friday 18th July.
Test schedules with full details will be issued to all the students.

Homework Booklets
The EP students should now be finishing off the second Homework Booklet.
The next Homework Booklet will be issued after the mid-term tests.

English Programme Academic Competition
On Friday 8th August 2014 Varee Chiangmai School will be hosting a EP Academic Competition. Students from various schools around Chiangmai will be joining the event to take part in various English language competitions including; Spelling Bee, Speech Competition and Debate Challenge.

Queen’s Birthday – Mothers’ Day
Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th August
School closed

EP Blogs
For more information about what’s happening in the English Programme at Varee Chiangmai School please visit the English Programme Blogs

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