June 2014

Dear Parents, here is some information about what’s happening this month;

Homework Booklets
The EP students will be issued a new Homework Booklet next week.

This month the EP students in upper Prathon and lower Mathayom will begin using the highly acclaimed MyiMaths website to support that Mathematics studies. These students will be given training on how to use this website and an individual password so they can access this website from home.
The school will be providing parents with more information about these resources later this month.

Teacher Respect Day
Respect Day – Prathom : Thursday 19th June
Respect Day – Mathayom : Thursday 26th June
On these days the students are asked to prepare some flowers to offer their teachers as a sign of respect.

World Cup Football Festival – Prathom
On Friday 20th June the students in Prathom will take part in a special World Cup Football Festival.
A boys team and a girls team from each class will compete in this football tournament.
Each class will represent a World Cup Team.
– EP Red classes will be Argentina
– EP Blue classes will be Germany
– and EP Purple will be Netherlands
The students are encouraged to wear the football kit/colours of the team they represent.
Friends and family are welcome to join this event.

World Cup Football Festival – Mathayom
On Friday 4th July the students in Mathayom will be taking part in the school’s World Cup Football Festival 2014.
Lower Mathayom will compete in the morning and upper Mathayom will compete in the afternoon.

EP Blogs
To help parents keep up with everything that is happening at Varee Chiangmai School, the EP teachers have their own online blogs.
To access these blogs go to


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