Cambridge PET


The Cambridge English Preliminary English Test (PET) is an intermediate level English Language examination.
The exam consists of three sections; a Reading and Writing Section, a Listening Section and a Speaking Section.
There are many resources online which students can use to prepare for these exams.

Reading and Writing Exam
The Exam English website has some very good practice questions – and it is interactive !

This website also has a lot of great interactive tests which give you the score when you have finished

There are some good resources for practicing the PET listening test on YouTube, for example

Exam English has an excellent interactive listening test – really good practice 🙂

The official Cambridge ESOL website has this practice Listening Test

The Flo-Joe website is great practice for the speaking test

And lastly the Write Fix website has more good sample questions to help you prepare for the speaking test, including the image below


Finally if you want more information about Cambridge PET you can also visit the official Cambridge PET site


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