Welcome to Summer in the Amazon !

International School Summer Programmes in Chiang Mai

Welcome to the Varee Chiang Mai School Summer Camp 2014.
The theme for this year’s summer camp is ‘Summer in the Amazon’ and over the coming 4 weeks the students will be learning all about the people, the cultures and the wildlife of The Amazon.
Below you can see more details about what the students will be learning.

WEEK 1 – Wildlife in the Amazon
Key Vocabulary, Describing animals
Animals, Plants, Habitat, Adaptation

WEEK 2- People in the Amazon
Describing people, lifestyles, likes and dislikes
Food Chains

WEEK 3 – Culture & Festivals
Culture, Religion festivals, carnivals

Week 4 – Saving the Rain Forest
Posters, Projects
Environmental Damage, Saving the Rain Forest

Amazon Sum

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