Cambridge ESOL Examinations at Varee Chiangmai School

YoungLearners_Monkey Next month on Thursday 13th February, the English Programme students in Grade 1 and Grade 5 will take Cambridge ESOL Young Learner English (YLE) examinations. The students in Grade 1 will take the YLE Starter Exam and the students in Grade 5 will take the YLE Flyer Exam.

These exams provide a reliable and consistent measure of how well students are progressing in the skills of listening, speaking and reading and writing. The examinations are designed to make learning fun and children are encouraged by working towards certificates and earning the ‘shields’ that record their progress.

Students in Mathayom 3EP will have the chance to take the Cambridge ESOL PET examination on Thursday 24th April 2014. This exam is the second level of Cambridge Exams and it recognises the ability of students to cope with everyday written and spoken communications, in both a general and an academic context.

For more information about Cambridge ESOL examinations at Varee Chiangmai School, please contact the EP Department –

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