The New School Year – Important Dates this Term

Important Dates at Varee School
The new school year is now underway and the students are settling in quickly to their school routine.
Here are some important date to remember during the coming term.

 The New School Year Begins 21st May
 Teacher Respect Day (Lower Secondary) – 13th June
 Teacher Respect Day (Primary) – 27th June
 Mid-Term Tests – 17 – 19th July
 Varee EP Academic Competition – July
 Buddhist Lent Holidays 22 – 23rd July
 Sports Day Kindergarten – 2nd August
 Queen’s Birthday Activities & Sports Day 9th August
 Queen’s Birthday Holiday 12th August
 English End-of-Term Tests 19-20th September
 Thai End-of-Term Tests – 23 – 27th September
 Last Day of Term 27th September

For more information please visit the school website

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