Important Dates at Varee Chiang Mai School – Nov & Dec 2012

• Important Dates this Term
o Northern Science Fair – 20th – 23rd November
o Placement Tests – Saturday 24th November (P1 Teachers)
o Model UN – 28th November (8-12)
o Loy Kratong – 28th November (afternoon)
o Day of Pride – 4th December
o Holidays – 5th Dec & 10th Dec
o P6 Scout Camp – 7th – 8th December
o ESL / EP Tests – 17th & 18th December
o Thai Tests – 19th & 20th December
o Christmas Activities – Friday 21st December
o School Opens again – Wednesday 2nd January 2013
o Cambridge ESOL Test – Wednesday 23rd January 2013 (EP2, EP4, EP6)

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