VCS Euro 2012 Football Festival Winners !

The Varee School Euro 2012 Football Festival has now come to an end. The finals were held last Friday (29/6/12) and the trophies were handed to the winners at the Monday morning assembly.

The winners of the Euro 2012 Football Festival:

Prathom 1 – Germany (P1 Pink)
Prathom 2 – France (P1 Green)
Prathom 3/4 – Spain (P3/P4 Yellow)
Prathom 5/6 – England (EP5/6 Red) and Holland (P5/6 Orange)

Lower Mathayom Girls – Sweden (Mathayom 3 A4)
Lower Mathayom Boys – Sweden (Mathayom 3 A4)

Upper Mathayom Girls – Portugal (M5 – Rm 591)
Upper Mathayom Boys – Ukraine (M6 – Rm 693/4)

congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to all the students, parents and teachers that worked hard to make this event such a success.

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