Mid-Term Tests – July 2011

Next week all the students at Varee Chiang Mai School will be taking mid-term tests. The tests will run from Tuesday 19th July to Friday 22nd July. The test schedule is as follows.

Primary Students
Tuesday 8.15 – 11.00 English Programme Tests
Wednesday 8.15- 11.00 English Programme Tests
Thursday 8.15 – 11.00 Thai Tests
Friday 8.15 – 11.00 Thai Tests
In the afternoons students will study according to the regular study schedule.

Mathayom Students
Wednesday – English Programme Tests
Thursday – Thai Tests
Friday – Thai Tests

All students have been given test schedules and revision guidelines. This information is also available on the EP Classroom Blogs http://www.varee.ac.th/en/mepblog.php

As always if you require any additional information, you can contact the EP Department directly by email ep@varee.ac.th

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