Varee School English Programme Academic Competition – Friday 29th July

Varee Chiang Mai School will be holding its first every EP Academic Competition on Friday 29th July. We have invited other EP schools in Chiang Mai to attend including Montfort and Annuban Chiangmai. On the day there will be seven different competition. There is more details about these events listed below.
Over the next 10 days we will be running international competitions to choose which of our students will compete on Friday 29th. If you require further information about this event, you can contact your child’s homeroom teacher or email the EP Department directly

1. Spelling Bee EP1-EP2 EP3-EP4 EP5-EP6
2. Story telling / Role Play EP1-EP3 EP4-EP6 M1 – M3
3. English Speech EP3-EP4 EP5-EP6 M1-M3
4. Scrabble – Crossword EP1-EP2 EP3-EP4 EP5-EP6 M1-M3
5. Science Quiz EP3-EP4 EP5-EP6 M1-M3
6. Chess – EP3-EP6 M1-M3
7. Singing contest EP1-EP3 EP4-EP6 M1-M3


Varee EP Academic Day Competition Details

1. Spelling Bee EP1/EP2, EP3/EP4, EP5/EP6
Students will take part in a written spelling competition. The students will be required to spell 30 words randomly selected from a list of 200. The words chosen for the competition will be taken from the Thai Curriculum and will include vocabulary form the following subjects; English, Science, Mathematics, Health and Computer Studies. If more than one student scores the top mark, there will be a tiebreak oral spelling competition.

2. Role Play Competition EP3, EP4-EP6, M1-M3
Students will compete in groups of between 3 and 5 students. Each group must act out a short story. Each student must have a speaking part in the role play. The role play should last between 3 and 5 minutes. Students will be judged on their pronunciation, their acting and the story.
Costumes and props are optional.

3. English Speech EP3/EP4, EP5/EP6, M1-M3
Students will speak on one of the following topics for 5 minutes. At the end of the speech each student will be asked questions by the judges. Student must write their own speeches and fully understand the contents of the speech. Students will be judged on their fluency, the contents of their speech, language, presentation skills and their answers to the judges’ questions.

EP3 – EP4
Topic 1: The importance of learning to speak English.
Topic 2: How students can live a ‘green life’.

EP5 – EP6
Topic 1: If I were the Governor of Chiang Mai.
Topic 2: The person I most admire.

M1 – M3
Topic 1: Cars and motorcycles should be banned from the historic city centre of Chiang Mai.
Topic 2: The internet is eroding cultures around the world.

4. Scrabble – Crossword EP1/EP2, EP3/EP4, EP5/EP6, M1-M3
Students will compete with students from other schools

5. Science Quiz EP3/EP4, EP5/EP6, M1-M3
Working in pairs students will take part in a science quiz. Students will be able to choose which topic they wish to answer questions on. The team with the most correct answers will be the winner.

6. Chess Tournament EP3-EP6, M1-M3
The chess competition will take the form of a knockout.

7. Singing contest EP1-EP3, EP4-EP6, M1-M3
Students are welcome to sing with or without a backing track. The backing track should be just instrumental. Students that sing to a backing track which has vocals will lose points.

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