End of Year O-Net Examinations for P3, P6, M3 and M6

As we near the end of the 2011 academic year the students in Prathom 3, Prathom 6, Mathayom 3 and Mathayom 6 are preparing themselves for the National O-Net examinations. These tests are set by the Thai Mininstry of Education and teachers from other schools will be visiting Varee Chiang Mai School to administer these examinations.

The dates for these examinations are as follows;
1st February 2011 O-Net Prathom 6
2nd February 2011 0-Net Mathayom 3
19th – 20th February 2011 0-Net Mathayom 6

The teachers have resources to prepare the students for these examinations and if you would like further information about O-Net exams, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher.

Follow Teacher’s Notes:



  1. p.osluain

    i am someone who was a UCLES examiner for england and singapore my son will sit p3 onet exam next year but can you tellme are there any www sites that can help me with his preparation e.g. sample questions, learning objectives,books..thanks..

    1. teacherdanmax

      There are websites that can help you prepare for these examinations but they tend to be in Thai.
      I suggest you look in a local book store for test preparation workbooks. A number of different companies produce these and they tend to closely follow the structure of the government tests. Try looking in Se-ed Books or B2S, these books cost about 200 baht.

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