Cambridge ESOL Exams at Varee Chaing Mai School, January 2011

Students in EP2, EP3 and EP5 of the English Programme at Varee Chiang Mai School will be having Cambridge ESOL tests on Wednesday 12th January 2011.

These tests are available at 3 different levels; Starter (EP2), Mover (EP3), Flyer (EP5). These tests are administered by official representatives from Cambridge University ESOL division. The costs for these tests are 1,500 baht per student and the school covers the costs of these tests for English Programme students.

The assessment consists of 3 tests; a reading & writing test, a listening test and a speaking test. The students will receive their scores and certificates from Cambridge University at the beginning of March.

The students will be given past papers as homework this coming weekend to assist with their preparation for these examinations. You can also find some examples of the kinds of questions that the students will be required to answer in the posts below.

Mathayom EP Student in M1 and M3 will also have the chance to take Cambridge ESOL tests, more info coming soon.

If you have any further questions about Cambridge ESOL tests at Varee Chiang Mai School, please contact your child’s English teacher.

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