This year’s performances

This week the entire school has been busy travelling back and forth to the theatre in preparation for the performances this Saturday.
Today i saw the mathayom performance, ‘Behind the Picture’, and was really impressed with what they have achieved. If you can get a ticket for this show, i recommend you see it.
The kindergarten show is great fun and very cute. They’ve worked really hard to put together a brilliant show.
The English Programme show has now all fallen into place and seeing it with the backgrounds, props, lights and costumes makes all the hard work worth while. How good is it? You’ll have to be the judge of that….. Let me know what you think.
Another piece of good news is that this year’s show will be professionally recorded and once the editing process is complete it will be available to view on the web. As soon as it is available i’ll post links to it.

One Comment

  1. mr Jan mourits

    hi ,mr Daniel.
    we are looking forward to the edited version of the show.please put as much kids in as possible,is it possible that the school can copy that on cd/dvd and give all the parents a copy?would be great to save for later,


    mr Jan

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