December Mid-Term Tests

This week the students at Varee Chiangmai School will begin taking their December Mid-Term Tests. The teachers have issued all the students with revision guidelines and tests schedules which the students should use to prepare for these assessments.The last day of testing is Tuesday 23rd December. A copy of the EP Revision Guideline can be […]


Term 2 at Varee Chiangmai School

Term 2 at Varee Chiangmai School starts on Monday 14th October 2013. This is a busy term with numerous activities and holidays. Here are some important dates over the coming months. Term 2 Begins – Monday 14th October 2013 Parent/Teacher Meeting – Saturday 19th October Chulalongkorn Day (National Holiday) – Wednesday 23rd October Halloween Activities […]


The beginning of a busy new term

Now that the school holidays are over the students are settling back into their school routines. This second term has a number of important activities, most of which are listed below. It is important to remember that these extra curricula activities form part of our school curriculum and help the students to become well-rounded individuals. […]