December Mid-Term Tests

The students at Varee Chiangmai School will be busy over the coming test with their December mid-term tests. The school has issued all students with revision guidelines and test schedules to help the students prepare for these assessments. The tests will last until midday on Tuesday 22nd December. Then in the afternoon of that day […]


VCS Day of Pride 2015

On Friday 4th December 2015, Varee Chiangmai School celebrated its annual Day of Pride with a wealth of activities, competitions and performances. All students were given the opportunity to participate in the competitions and activities of their choice, which included; speech, debate, chess, spelling bee, science challenge, football, basketball, singing, dance and performances. It was […]


Cambridge English PET

On December 1, students from the Mathayom English Programme took the Cambridge English PET exam at Varee Chiangmai School. This exam, which includes reading, writing speaking and listening components, assesses students’ English language at the Common European Framework (CEFR) level of B1 proficiency. The students students’ test papers will now be sent back to Cambridge […]